Your Boiler Installation Should Be Done Professionally: Here’s Why

Whether you are a homeowner looking to install a new electric or gas boiler in your home or a commercial business upgrading to a newer, more efficient boiler, one thing is clear: installation should always be done professionally. HVAC contractors commonly do this type of work and are happy to assist you with your installation as well, and may only charge you for the installation and a small service fee for the effort. Some HVAC specialists even include boiler installation in their service fees so the installation could be included at no additional cost.

Here are just some of the reasons why you should have a boiler installation done professionally. It's wise to check with a boiler unit installation specialist before purchasing a boiler as well.

It may be required by law

Some cities and counties require homeowners and business owners to get a permit before having appliances installed, including water heaters and boilers. If this is the case in the area where you need to have your boiler installation done, you'll want a professional boiler unit installation specialist to do the work so you can have a record of the installation to report on your county records.

It's far safer

It is much safer to have a boiler installed by a professional than it is to have it installed by someone who doesn't know what they are doing or who isn't licensed. What if you install your boiler incorrectly and cause an electrical issue? A gas boiler especially can pose a danger if it's installed wrong and should always be inspected for leaks before operation. Even if you do manage to do a boiler installation on your own, you'll have to have your HVAC specialist check the unit before you can use it, so you may as well have them remove your old boiler and put in your new one. The cost will be similar either way.

It's far cheaper

In the end, even if you prefer to install it yourself, investing in a professional boiler installation will save you money. You'll have a warranty and guarantee of some kind with your boiler that may be voided if you forgo a professional installation. If you install your boiler wrong, you have to pay a pro to repair or replace the unit and fix any damages caused. Save yourself time and money and have your boiler installation done by a professional. They can discard any old boiler for a small fee if you wish.

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